This collection of tunes comes from many sources, primarily tunebooks on hand and the
Internet. It includes most of the tunes regularly played at traditional Irish music sessions in
Little Rock, Arkansas, as well as favorite tunes from various players' and dancers'
collections, and other tunes we want to add to our repertoire. Following is a list of the
identifiable sources.

David Brody, The Fiddler's Fake Book
Bulmer & Sharpley, Music From Ireland
Geraldine Cotter, Traditional Irish Tin Whistle Tutor
Caoimhin Gaimh, Smoke in Your Eyes, A Compilation of Irish Tunes Played at
     Seattle Sessions

Dan Mozell, The Incomplete Celtic Guitar
Francis O'Neill, The Dance Music of Ireland
Daniel Michael Collins, O'Neill's Music of Ireland
James N. Stewart, Little Rock Session Tunes

Dan Beimborn's Tune Collection

Ceili House Band Tunes

John Chamber's ABC Tune Finder

Richard Darsie's Tune Web

Richard Robinson's Tunebook

Chris Smith's Index

This pile of loose sheets is not for sale. It is for educational purposes only and is available
free to anyone who wants a copy. You are welcome to duplicate it for yourself. Copies
will be available at the sessions; or to order one, please E-mail
and/or The Arkansas Celtic Music Society.

Thanks to Laurence Gray and Karen Walls for their invaluable help with the chords.

Ellen C. Stern
January 1, 2001