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For about three years we had a beginner "tune of the month". Session "regulars" played these tunes several times during the month at all sessions to allow a beginner to learn the tune by "aural tradition" as is customary with Irish Traditional Music (ITM). We still play these tunes regularly at sessions so it's a good place for a beginner to start. Scroll down to see these selections.

When the session statistics were published, it was obvious that we "regulars" needed to learn some new tunes too. We had a challenge for Session "regulars" to learn a new tune each month. A lot of these tunes have become a part of our sessions. You can access them below too.

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Credits... the Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF files for most of the tunes were produced using a wonderful (free) online resource at

On that page you can just cut-and-paste the ABC notation for any tune into a window, press the Submit button, and it will provide sheet music, a MIDI sound file, and a fully formatted PDF sheet music file. Many thanks to the folks at for providing this useful service to the music community.

Just click the name of any 'Beginner' or 'New' tune in the table below for a page containing sheet music, sound files, etc...

NOTE: Sometimes the 'Beginner' tune and the 'New' tune are the same for any given month.

Month Year Beginner Tune New Tune
August 2006 Father Kelly's Jig Father Kelly's Jig
July 2006 Swallowtail Jig Swallowtail Jig
June 2006 Wicklow(Hornpipe) Wicklow(Hornpipe)
May 2006 The Red-Haired Lass(Reel) The Red-Haired Lass(Reel)
April 2006 Temperance(Reel) Temperance(Reel)
March 2006 Old Favourite(Jig) Old Favorite(Jig)
February 2006 A Fig for a Kiss(Slip Jig) A Fig for a Kiss(Slip Jig)
January 2006 Behind the Haystack(Jig) Behind the Haystack(Jig)
December 2005 Morning Star (Reel) Morning Star (Reel)
November 2005 White Petticoat (Jig) White Petticoat (Jig)
October 2005 Dark Haired Girl Dressed in Blue (Polka) Dark Haired Girl Dressed in Blue (Polka)
September 2005 The Kesh (Jig) The Kesh (Jig)
August 2005 Haste to the Wedding (Jig) Haste to the Wedding (Jig)
July 2005 Dunmore Lassies (Reel) Dunmore Lassies (Reel)
June 2005 The Monaghan Twig (Reel) The Monaghan Twig (Reel)
May 2005 The Gravel Walks (Reel) The Gravel Walks (Reel)
April 2005 The Rights of Man (Reel) The Rights of Man (Reel)
March 2005 The Tenpenny Bit (Jig) The Tenpenny Bit (Jig)
February 2005 Off She Goes (Jig) Off She Goes (Jig)
January 2005 Leitrim's Jig The Maids of Mitchellstown (Reel)
December 2004 Cooley's Reel The Blarney Pilgrim (Jig)
November 2004 Smash the Windows (Jig) The Little Stack of Wheat (Hornpipe)
October 2004 The High Reel The Merry Blacksmith (Reel)
September 2004 The Blackthorn Stick (Jig) The Banshee (Reel)
August 2004 Banish Misfortune (Jig) Donnybrook Fair (Jig)
July 2004 The Road to Lisdoonvarna (Jig) The Glass of Beer (Reel)
June 2004 Rakes of Kildare (Jig) The Peeler's Jacket (Reel)
May 2004 Breton Dance Tune (Polka) The Murroe (Polka)
April 2004 John Ryan's Polks Father Kelly's (Reel)
March 2004 The Butterfly (Slip Jig) The Wise Maid (Reel)
February 2004 Morrison's (Jig) The King of the Fairies (Reel)
January 2004 Maggie in the Woods (Polka) The Old Copperplate (Reel)
December 2003 The Road to Lisdoonvarna (Jig) The Geese in the Bog (Jig)
November 2003 The Maid Behind the Bar (Reel) The Dingle Regatta (Slide)
October 2003 Sally Gardens (Reel) The Man of the House (Reel)
September 2003 Connaughtman's Rambles (Jig) The Frost is All Over (Jig)
August 2003 Gander At the Pratie Hole (Jig) Chief O'Neill's Favorite (Hornpipe)
July 2003 Lannigan's Ball (Jig) The Maids of Ardagh (Polka)
June 2003 The Silver Spear (Reel) Swinging on a Gate (Reel)
May 2003 Drowsy Maggie (Reel) Ryan's (Slip Jig)

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Celtic Clipart courtesy of Karen Nicholas.